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Important Announcment

This site will be taken down at the end of this year. I want to thank everyone who visited and read our stories.

This is an archive of the stories published in our Remington Steele fanzine. Two of them were originally printed in More Red Holt Steele, published by Angie Nothdorf so I didn't repost them here. They are linked to Angie's site. These stories stand alone and are not related to our Relativity universe. If you need to contact us, email either Jill or Elaine.

detective_12.jpg (16K) A STUDY IN STEELE by Maura I. Kelly & Jill Hargan

detective_12.jpg (16K) STEELE IN LOVE by Melissa Jones

detective_12.jpg (16K) PRESCRIPTION: STEELE by Sharon M. Dickerson & Annita K. Smith

detective_12.jpg (16K) DEATH OF STEELE by Angie Nothdorf

detective_12.jpg (16K) WILL YOU STEELE NEED ME? by Jill Hargan (Art by Marty Siegrist)

detective_12.jpg (16K) HIDE 'N GO STEELE by Jill Hargan (Art by Marty Siegrist)

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